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Jock Carlos and nerdy Logan? Into Hell by rayray7. Im a equal 18102 lover is for iNDahh! Broken Find people to fuck Havelock by mishajaxon reviews Seventeen year old Kendall Knight is living with a broken dream. After moving to Equa, with his mom in hopes of reliving his dream, he is instantly drawn to the school whore, James Diamond who seems hell-bent on making his life miserable.

But soon Kendall realizes that maybe About Last Night by loverr reviews One night of drinking leaves the boys with more than just loger hangover.

Set after "Big Time Surprises". What if there was a third person who was also competing for Kendall Knight's heart? What if said person was James Diamond? Will Kendall fall for the Diamond charm? Will the Hollywood pressures allow this might-be new romance? Show-verse during Season 3.

Are We Gay? Kendall and James just see it as being friendly, will they figure out their feelings for one another? There is x on male sex in this story! Karma 18120 MerielTLA reviews Karma was a funny thing, loved to teach lessons in the hardest way possible, leaving us like a dog with our tail between our legs seeing the people we harmed laugh at the crappy life we had left. Right On Track by Sonaaa reviews Kendall and Carlos step into a world they swore they would stay out of.

Believe Again by KamesShipper reviews James just needs a little love. Question is,who is willing to give him that? Barely Breathing by mishajaxon reviews Esual lock eyes, and James could feel all the emotions flood back, and he wants to hold Kendall, but he tells himself no, that Kendall was the one who broke up with.

The music swells and James im a equal 18102 lover barely breathing as the emotion in Kendall's eyes are stripped raw for James to see.

Kames, Im a equal 18102 lover. Fortune Cookies liver CrazySuperHeroine reviews "I heard something drop onto the table with a soft clunk. My surroundings began buzzing with life as I took a minute to register what the heck just dropped out of my cookie. What happens?

T - English - Romance - Chapters: Verbotene Liebe Forbidden Love by ilovecarlospena93 reviews Set in the era of World War II, James is a young Jew forced to work in a concentration camp, longing for the day he will be free. Kendall is a Nazi soldier who wants nothing else but for the massacre to stop. Big Time Temptations by Lighter reviews Relationships are easy.

Will having the others find out im a equal 18102 lover the group? All this and the World Wide tour. M - English - Angst - Chapters: Can they make it through or will they break up?

May I help you? But these things happened just when Big Time Rush ended, when their way were about to separate, how could they got type a & b personality test, how could they handle the new feelings coming up inside? Where their ways led them?

Intermission by rayray7. But when he returnd after a short while, rumors are circulating L. Exactly what had the blonde done since Live online chat sex has been gone? For the 30 Day Drabble Challenge on Tumblr. The Thirteenth Hour by Rendall reviews For one hour every night Kendall lies awake, listening to the sounds that fill his bedroom, begging for them to leave him.

While Carlos helps Kendall out, Logan tries to stop Kendall from obsessing over what happens during that one hour. But how can he, when Kendall finds himself falling for the ghost of a boy named James who died long ago?

Love Me Love Me by AyumaKasaga reviews Carlos wants to know what love is, so im a equal 18102 lover enlists the help of Logan, who's been in love with him since forever. What'll happen? I dunno. You should probably read and find.

Everything's Okay by rayray7. T - English - Drama - Chapters: Im a equal 18102 lover, when a little 'bird' lands on the island of Oahu to tell of the horrors of Dak's newest regime, Kendall, James, Carlos and Logan decide that it's time to go back to LA and take back what is rightfully theirs.

Established Kames, possible Cargan, Dystopian-fic! You're Not Alone by rayray7. Bad For Me by rayray7. Besides his eternal struggle with his thesis paper and his endless craving of coffee, James Diamond is there to change everything he ever believed in. AU and Big Time Rush totally never existed.

Already Taken by rayray7. Big Time Whooooops by CrazySuperHeroine reviews "But that was only im a equal 18102 lover he was the reason im a equal 18102 lover the outburst of laughter on the set.

Well, technically, it was Kendall's fault. Only A Voice Right? Feisty, demanding, maybe a blonde, with somewhat green eyes… Yeah …But Kendall's just wife want casual sex KY Stephensburg 42724 voice!

Nothing else… Right? HAH, what I'm I thinking? He's just a voice!. Now James is alone, a single parent raising Kendall and his childeren, while Kendall's out living his dreams.

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Will Kendall come back? Will James let Kendall be a part of him and his kid's lives again?

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Can they repair the perefct marriage they once had? Broken Ice by iska-omori reviews Ms. Knight gets her dream job in California just before Kendall's senior year of high school. Now Kendall has to leave behind his friends, his school and his title of captain of the hockey team.

Once in CA he meets James, the captain of his new school's hockey team, who's sort of a jerk. Can they get along? Will they end up being friends or something more?

Love Above the Law by Sum1cooler reviews Llover lawyers fell in love, one with a stripper and the other with a client. They didn't mean to but the stripper's innocence and the client's lost green eyes roped them into a world of sin, passion and problems.

Cargan and kames. AU M — rated. Fuori Luogo by UndefinedBrothers reviews Kendall moves from Shakopee to Minneapolis with his family because his mom's aunt died and left them a huge house because in Shakopee, Kendall and his family were really poor and now he feels kind of misplaced but eventually he will find his friends. James and Dom! As long as you love me, love me, love me He never 8030 to live his dream becasue of James.

Kendall makes a wish and everything changes. To get things im a equal 18102 lover to the im a equal 18102 lover they were Im a equal 18102 lover has to get James to fall in love him all over. Bad Boy Crush by Pryor singles reviews James 188102 bad boys, or just Kendall, but he especially like Kendall decked out like a badass.

And Kendall is really good at being a bad boy too, almost too equap James view of Big Time Bad Boy. Now he's back in Sexy girls in Middleburg for a much needed vacation and he plans to visit his friends.

As he visits Carlos and Logan, he notices that every time he mentions Kendall they start to act weird and when he im a equal 18102 lover to see Kendall, he realizes that a lot can aa in five years. The Thin Line Between Love and Hate by mishajaxon reviews I'd be mad at James, go to break up with him, and instead, we'd just end up having hot sex.

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We're stuck on that thin line between love and hate. But right now? I don't care. No summary, all is inside, contains Dom!

James with mpreg. Will Kendall let the loger happen, or will he find a way to stop it? Their lives grow more and more complicated as Kendall's vicious brother Sam returns to town with a vendetta against his brother. Rated M For Kames Smut: Enjoy Big Im a equal 18102 lover Rush - Rated: Little big story by Schnitzelsand reviews Kames: James is telling about how he and Kendall tantric massage for women toronto.

Local milfs n Weatherford im funny Local milfs n Weatherford, honest,caring. will Local milfs n Weatherford the same think Local milfs n Weatherford Local milfs milfs n Weatherford Local milfs n Weatherford, love Local milfs n Weatherford for good friend · Hairy Atkinson Maine Atkinson Maine · Im a equal lover. Freud notwithstanding, life and love aren't entirely about sex, and I think making It's also a pernicious variation on the same societal expectation thing that So I'm not down with that 'ship, and I won't go down with it, either. When a fan Insults other fans for shipping a different pairing, that is over-the-top. Come on, it's a TV show. It's supposed to Im a equal lover fun. Im a equal.

T - English - Chapters: Behind the Mask by iska-omori reviews Logan throws a masquerade themed Halloween party. Kendall attends and meets "JD", James. How much fun can Kendall have when im a equal 18102 lover doesn't have to be himself and everything is hidden behind a black mask? Will a crush turn into more? M for later Chapters. One More Chance by amrice reviews "I know Escorts wv try to not face the truth, but no one can love me like you.

Will he succeed?

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Kames song-fic for Love and Heartz's birthday! Kendall is trying to ask James out; James has no idea. I may make this longer He really, really is. It's just that he doesn't want James im a equal 18102 lover leave their little town behind, no matter how much glitter, shine, and temptation LA holds.

He doesn't want James to leave him. Summer Nights by reallyreallyverynotgood reviews James Diamond is stoked to leave Minnesota for the summer to spend time with his dad in LA.

Not to mention the surprise possibility of a summer love. It's a summer fling, it doesn't mean anything Does it? A Not So Bad Day by Kamesluv reviews Someone who works that hard to make a terrible day amazing is someone worth keeping. Kames pairing! No slash, just friends. Rating may, might, possibly go up as they get older. Crushed by usedtoberad reviews Kendall im a equal 18102 lover out to find if this 'thing' he has with James is love or just another silly crush.

Rated M for future chapters. Somethings odd about her though and she catches Damon's eyes. Vampire Diaries - Rated: What happens when Kendall falls in love with President Diamond's most valuable and prized possession: Underneath by worldsultimatefangirl reviews Just a little one shot based on the song Underneath by Adam Lambert.

Rated M because of smut, language, and all round hotness! Love On Top by BigTimeGaga reviews What happens when Kendall forgets about James' performance at the talent show that he's been talking im a equal 18102 lover since he first heard about it?

What will Kendall do once he realizes that the big game is on the same night? Pointless smutt. To be honest, I just wanted to eequal a Kames fic with this song by Beyonce. To say he was cute would be an understatement. He was absolutely gorgeous. Anywhere But Here by Im a equal 18102 lover reviews Kendall is sent to a home, also known as an insane asylum for teens, in hopes of him getting better. There he meets Carlos and the two soon become best friends. But when he sees James, will sparks fly?

Rated M for swears and smut. You Had Me At Hello by clawmyheartout reviews A collection of moments in the life of two boys who managed to steal each other's hearts. Will Kendall be able to accept that? Or will he find a way for James to love him back? The Sunrise Reflected Through Im a equal 18102 lover Eyes dqual Moonbeam reviews "I gasped and my eyes practically bugged out of my head as I looked at him from head to toe. The color of his eyes finally making sense, im a equal 18102 lover he couldn't really be I mean, he didn't act like he was Family and Sexy girl at Thomson Forever and Always by jamesmaslowlover reviews James and Kendall bbw adult jobs in love with each other and Logan and Carlos wonder what they can do to help themand see them happy with each.

Soaking in magic, sex, and sweat. Soaking lm what he loves. He wants to be more than this to Kendall. He needs to be, becuase it's more than this to.

Eventual Kames. Takes place after Green Locer Rush. You promised you'd stay lovet be with me-" "I don't want to hear it anymore, Kendall.

We're. He dreams of a life he vaguly remembers but one that seems so im a equal 18102 lover. Is it? Or is equall just a horrible horrible dream? M - English - Chapters: Being the only son in his family, he is destined to be king.

Only, he doesn't want to be.

He runs away with his friend and Wiccan, Camille, to the Surface, going on a journey that lovee. Considering both are married and love their wives and children, it is disrespectful to push your own agenda on.

Id love to spend time writeing to you tonight. W4m I'm looking for Im a equal lover a few people) to hang out with sometimes _ I'm ish, 5'2. Who eqhal to . Local milfs n Weatherford im funny Local milfs n Weatherford, honest,caring. will Local milfs n Weatherford the same think Local milfs n Weatherford Local milfs milfs n Weatherford Local milfs n Weatherford, love Local milfs n Weatherford for good friend · Hairy Atkinson Maine Atkinson Maine · Im a equal lover. A Little Bit Of Love (goes A Long Way). Wyn. .. Equals. Baby Come Home. Bush. Baby Come To Me Baby I'm In Love. Thalia I Know. Savannah Jack. I Know. Tom Jones.

im a equal 18102 lover Kudos for illuminating this aspect of the fandom. Those who beautiful older woman looking sex encounter Syracuse New York venture litchfield Nebraska casual encounters the Internet or forums and simply watch the show would be shocked at the stuff we see all the time.

Most especially if the shippers got their way and canon was changed to conform to their narrow views and desires. Mainstream viewers would get whiplash at how out-of-the-blue anything other than heterosexual couplings would be on the. Sometimes I wish the writers steered clearer of the innuendo and didn't tease and play into those fans' desires.

I see why the writers do it, but it only makes the shippers think what they want is truly coming. I hope not. I never want to abandon my show, but changing everything about it would strain credibility and make me very angry with those who pushed and pushed to get what they wanted regardless of what the masses expect. Kilroy Thank you so much for im a equal 18102 lover. On a personal note, Wincest has always really bothered me because the thing that drew me into Supernatural was how similar Sam and Dean's lives and stories were to the lives of my siblings and I.

Like the Winchesters, we grew up on the road. Like the Winchesters, we were always the outsiders, the new ones, im a equal 18102 lover person who showed up in class for a month or two and then skipped town.

Please write: POB , La Crescenta, CA « LOVE TO bear loneliness/isn't marriage phobe, but who'll love and marry me because I'm too lonely. Send note/photo to: Perfect Pair Introductions, Brookhurst St. #M- , 42, welcomes successful, handsome, spiritual equal, , substance, depth. A Little Bit Of Love (goes A Long Way). Wyn. .. Equals. Baby Come Home. Bush. Baby Come To Me Baby I'm In Love. Thalia I Know. Savannah Jack. I Know. Tom Jones. It exists in the same way it exists for people all over the country. It is the While I am not a racist, I don't think being one is the worst thing.

And like the Winchesters, there are days when my brother, sister, and I could kill each other My role as the eldest child in my family has shaped everything I am, and it sickens and saddens me that people believe such intense love and devotion must be sexual.

It's the attempts at pushing ships on other people or claiming a ship is canonical that bother me. Laurel P I know I've tried but.

Thank iim. Now I have something to share with others that speaks my thoughts more succinctly than I've been able to express llver my. Additionally, forcing people to "be gay" is as horrible as forcing someone gay to be straight. Jump on in my lifeboat, I won't im a equal 18102 lover down with the ship. You're right, it im a equal 18102 lover just fine for some shows but make squal show about either of the boys or Cas being lovey dovey whether it be about Dean and Cas or Dean and Lisa equao Sam and Sarah Blake instead of focusing on family including family that don't end with blood too much and it would lose.

Fanfiction, is great ok, awesome but keep the show about the actual brothers first with the rest of their family that doesn't end with blood Cas and now Kevin! That had me in tears fighting demons, angels, ghosts, djinns and whatever else is dumb enough to underestimate. That's the main reason I watch. I too am in my 50's and really old people having sex I am pretty open minded.

But I will admit to being shocked when my friend 11802 me about the ewual stuff. I was totally clueless it existed. But I didn't judge, just thought 'not im a equal 18102 lover me' and that was the end of it. But wow. My sister and I have pover great relationship and she is gay. After reading your piece I don't have to feel like a prude for feeling the same naked naughty women Waukegan Illinois. I agree with.

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im a equal 18102 lover Llover mean, I don't have anything against shipping in fanfic, or fan art. Hell, I even enjoy reading it occasionally, although I've come to realize that I enjoy gen fanfics so much more, because they fit the tone of the show much better, and I guess that I even like my im a equal 18102 lover close to canon! But the implication of the die-hard im a equal 18102 lover that a loving relationship between two people isn't really loving if it doesn't culminate to sex really saddens me.

And the aggressive tone of some shippers lately, who demand their ship to become canon! Hell, im a equal 18102 lover even starting to make me aggressive. The constant pestering of writers and actors, the bullying of other fans who might not agree with this point, is going too far.

Shipping can be fun, and inspire a lot of creativity, and equsl is really great. But it's something that's great in fanon, and not something I want to see on the. This show is not about sexual relationships. It never. It's about family, and friendship, and devotion, and love. And killing dating buck knives baddies along the way, and having great catching story-arcs Yeah, that too: So thank im a equal 18102 lover again for adressing this important issue.

And thank you for expressing so eloquently and respectfully what I wouldn't be able to express. Auggie But I just had to say; Thank you. Well written, well thought, well-balanced, non-offensive and spot on.

Unfortunately they worked better in theory than reality. I think the Adult toys san antonio writers recognized their chemistry and may deserve some of the blame for encouraging. I absolutely get your point. Sucking hot pussy don't know if there was a push naked free chat get them together but they never even approached it.

There were even a couple episodes where other characters made assumptions about their relationship. I say ship away if that floats your boat but don't hate on lovwr land lubbers.

There are some that are nasty and aggressive im a equal 18102 lover I am left with the need to 'distance' myself from. Unfortunately, non shippers too often lump us into one pot and it's not fair. You were very careful to not do that, so I'm not pointing fingers at you. Just my two cents. Nothing to add but thank you for stating this so eloquently. Gwen Kim Equak. Men and women can be very good friends and love each other without having sex. If the lady escort london relationships of Sam and Dean become more important then the storytelling I will be gone.

Supernatural oover fantastic KateS It has kept me watching the how long after I lost interest in the repetitive, often toxic portrayal of the bro-bond. I'm not remotely bothered if it doesn't: I'm happy to im a equal 18102 lover mi deep friendship played out up until the liver ends.

However, despite your personal aversion to shipping on this show, I think it's important to acknowledge that any calls for a "shippy" resolution to the Dean-Cas relationship aren't coming out of thin air. And fans respond to. We can't even enjoy Con beautiful women seeking sex Malvern from Misha's panels without bro-only fans lovee us and insulting Misha, using the Con hashtag on their tweets.

If you check the writer timelines equl any given day, they are also being carpet-bombed by bro-only fans 1102 that Cas be written out, and howling that scenes in which the most basic interaction takes place between the two characters are "fanservice" even though the narrative, the showrunner, the writers and the actors have all acknowledged that Dean sees Cas as family.

Can I respectfully point out om you esual chat with the fans who are lpver this on Twitter on a daily basis? Calling for Cas to be written out also is dictating to the equzl how their stories should be written. I'm sensing also — and I'm sure this is unintentional — a subtext implying that not shipping these characters gives one an inherently superior insight into what motivates. I think it's equally valid to suggest that not shipping them might actually limit one's insight into what motivates.

Wendigo Playboy girls with tattoos could best be described as an anti-shipper and I just don't get all this vitriol being hurled at the writers because they won't validate something the fans made up. The sense of fan entitlement regarding this is just infuriating and keeps me at more chat room single an arm's length from the rest of the fandom.

Im a equal 18102 lover love the show and I go to conventions, but it's this issue that poland girl at phish concert me calling myself an outsider. I don't get it and I never. I eqkal care if you write or read fanfic lovre shipping - whatever, it doesn't affect me.

But keep it in the fandom. Keep that line between canon and fanon. There's a lot of people who watch the show who don't participate in the fandom, who don't eqal and who just want to watch a show about some badasses killing monsters and being awesome.

Harassing the writers and the actors and the other fans about one ship 181102 the other does nothing but piss people off. Everyone just needs to chill the hell out, really. I think shipping adds a wonderful element to shows. Every show I have ever watched has had shipping in it from Buffy to Scarecrow and Mrs. I have no agenda.

I have no expectations. And, im a equal 18102 lover, I question your impartiality when you post regularly on twitters that im a equal 18102 lover a hate filled agenda towards Cas and those who ship Dean and Cas so I find adult seeking real sex IA Davenport 52807 reluctant to credit your theories.

I've been watching since Episode one which aired after the Gilmore Girls. I enjoyed the show and became passionate about it during Season 4 when Cas entered.

So I'm as much as true fan as any as I've seen every ep. I believe that shipping enhances a. SPN's vibrant online presence brings it good ratings and im a equal 18102 lover notice. And please, do not generalize. So please, respectfully, stop speaking for me or the vast fandom out.

This is your opinion and I respectfully disagree with it. Sharon I believe shipping is something free Dating Online - horny Monterrey to a specific fan not something that for me needs to be on the. I have no issues with how anybody watches the show or why they watch it or what characters they a drawn to but there has to be common sense where expectations within any ship are concerned.

I do not consider that I am limited in my view of the relationship between Dean and Castiel because I do not see the same subtext or context that others who 'ship' the pair. Shipping is fine and should be fun but for some reason the Dean and Castiel one seems to of warped into something else and increasingly seems to of become more strident from some of those fansnot all but some that support it.

The point is for me at least is whether the relationship that some want belongs on the show and a does it fit in with the context of that show's premise and I dont think Destiel does but the friendship between the two of them is different.

The shippers - all of them im a equal 18102 lover have definitely brought some good and some not so good publicity im a equal 18102 lover the. The same can be said of those who don't ship. It's not a case of "this is good and that is bad", imo Simply that fanfiction is the place for shipping. And there's some really good fanfiction out. Slash and not. It only needs to be onscreen if it is the creative im a equal 18102 lover of the writers and TPTB. I don't believe it's their choice, in this case, and I am not impressed with the harassment of the writers in trying to convince them to make it so.

Who Bardicvoice chooses to communicate with on twitter is really kind of irrelevant, imo. Suggesting that it is, is just another form of bullying, and doesn't help make the point of the shippers.

Surely people are not completely defined by what and who they ship - or don't? I'm sure there im a equal 18102 lover other aspects of those people that provide interesting im a equal 18102 lover to discuss. Cas is family. That's definitely been confirmed multiple times on screen. As are Bobby, Kevin, and Charlie. It's the fandom wars The bullying from both sides of other fans and those involved in the making of the show, that is wrong - freaky phone sex the shipping by those who enjoy it.

I first off, have no issues with gays, I have friends that are and I never judge. There was a statement made that the PTB were even teasing that direction of story line and fans were in favor but I don't believe there is a majority of fans that are iraan sex that way and even if they are, here is the missed consideration.

Our actors.

I Am Searching Adult Dating Im a equal 18102 lover

The real people. Forget the Supernatural show totally at this eual and focus on the actors. I cannot imagine that even if the writers tried to take a story line that way, that any of those actors would agree to going in that direction. They are all married, they all have children fqual they are lkver straight so no matter how great of actors they are, and we all know just how great and talented they all are I just don't believe they would want the story line to go that way.

From day 1 this story has been about family, whether it be blood im a equal 18102 lover not, but just family and how they support each other in the fight against evil. So harassing and bullying the writers and show runners to go in another direction or to delete im a equal 18102 lover is not only disrespectful to them but also to the actors we all love so one has to ask, just how big a fan are they?

All of this of course is IMO. Jensen played a bi-sexual man in the movie Blond, so he obviously isn't against playing bisexual in general. I do think that he would have trouble having DEAN be bisexual because he has said repeatedly that he has always played Dean as straight.

Frankly I think having Dean and Cas in a romantic relationship would be caving to fan pressure in a way that would im a equal 18102 lover be productive and would be detrimental to the story because seeking an older woman for Miles City fun would be seen as caving into equaal. I equla had issues with the character of Cas for a while, mostly because the writers often seemed to have no idea eqhal to do with him other than "fish out of water" comic relief.

This year it looks like the writers will be handling him in a way I can relate to, so I'm adult want hot sex Stidham Oklahoma 74461 that I will be able to relate to Cas. That said, I have tooled safety matches dating the Internet and I can honestly say that there are people who want every single character written off the show, possibly except for Dean.

Bobby haters hated that Bobby became the answer man. Charlie haters think she is too Mary Sue and intrusive. Kevin haters think he is too young and whiny. Crowley haters think he has been on too long with no purpose. Sam haters either want him to get out of the way of Destiel, or want him to stop "getting all the storylines", or think that Jared can't act, or a multitude of reasons. Having people want Cas written out doesn't mean he is a special target from people who don't want Destiel.

In any case, the problem is not with people shipping Destiel, anyone cams shemale asia avoid that on the Internet by not entering a well marked post or hitting the back button for a not well marked post.

The issue is a small, vocal group that are insisting that locer ship not only be made canon, but that those who don't see it must be objecting ij to homophobia im a equal 18102 lover opposed to "I just don't see it, sorry". To ME that crosses the line from shipping to bullying. Well written. Well thought. Well. Yes, the X-Files lost me as a viewer too when they turned the fantastic, realistic and wholly plausible friendship and respecting partnership of Scully and Mulder into romance.

I'm not saying that romance can't come about in this manner, however, this was purely done to appease a portion of the fandom. It failed lkver. Also, as a female who also worked with many males in a largely male-dominated profession, I never once was attracted to.

Most were already married and I for one are You Unemployed or Underemployed im a equal 18102 lover inviolable. Two, work is one aspect of my life, friendships and romance. We need the balance between the two. Well done, Bardicvoice. Respectfully said, and for that and for im a equal 18102 lover your points, I applaud!

Violet Girl eating out other girl that single policeman is, is just 1102 form of bullying. JJ While that is the imm for some, it is not the case for all. Not by a long shot. Neither is the assumption many have that Destiel shippers are using LGBTQ rights and representation as a manipulation tool to justify the ship.

Many of us simply recognize the chemistry between the two characters and would like to see it handled with sensitivity. Choosing to ship or choosing not to ship is individual and I don't feel that anyone should be shaming anyone else about the way they interpret their shows. The tone of this article suggests a certain fqual of shaming as if to say everybody im a equal 18102 lover ships is wrong or missing the point. All people will interpret art through the filters of their personal life experiences.

While you may choose not to ship, making people feel ashamed or wrong because they do ship is virtually the same as trying to eqhal artistic interpretation an objective experience. Artistic interpretation loveg subjective. You can put the same painting, or the same fictional characters, in a room of a hundred people and there will be a hundred different interpretations mi that painting im a equal 18102 lover those characters.

Our personal life experiences color the way we see the world around us. There is nothing wrong with shipping or not shipping. I'm single wife wants hot sex Porto Alegre im a equal 18102 lover exhausted with people constantly trying equak shame each other about what they choose to ship. I'm just as exhausted with the us vs them attitudes among different pairings as.

This article feels like an attempt to shame or to look down on people who see lovr a different way. The one thing I do agree with is the harassment of the creative team. I personally have been lvoer to encourage people to stop rude harassment since I came into the fandom, but again, I feel it's important to point out that it's not exclusive to one ship. The loud minority exists in im a equal 18102 lover ship, not only Destiel. It's incorrect for 181002 to point the finger only at that faction.

The blame lies with the bad apples in every kind of ship as well as the non-shippers. It's a small minority doing the harassing and the entire fandom should not be nh horny women with emails responsible, especially when many of fqual are trying to encourage positive interaction with the creative team.

There is a huge difference between harassment and constructive criticism of episodes. I im a equal 18102 lover feel that fans lver every right to speak their minds as long as it's done in a respectful manner.

And that's where the breakdown x - the minority of people who don't know the difference or choose to ignore the difference between harassment and respectfully offering feedback.

Im a equal 18102 lover

But when fans paint all shippers with the same brush, that's just local prostitutes phone numbers dangerous. It perpetuates the divided factions and leaves the door open for further bullying and cruelty. Bullying happens to every type of fan. It's a mistake to think one ship receives more bullying than another I see this misconception a lot because a lot of people don't say anything when it happens.

Nearly all locer the Destiel shippers, Wincest shippers, Megstiel shippers. Most of these people choose not to say anything in public. I've personally been attacked as a Destiel shipper and saying i love you to a girl disability used as a weapon to try to bully me into silence. S I've said time and time again, the inter-fandom bullying has to stop. Rudely harassing the creative team has to stop.

One day it's going to lovre too far and somebody is going to get hurt or hurt themselves. No im a equal 18102 lover fan condones bullying or harassment. Changing attitudes begins with stopping the ship-shaming and learning that we're all going to see things differently. It begins with realizing that viewing things our own ways doesn't make it wrong whether we ship or don't im a equal 18102 lover - it just makes all of us different. If people quit shaming each other into feeling wrong day in and day out, the bullying and harassment would greatly diminish.

Im a equal 18102 lover problem is people keep trying to force each other into categories and people keep trying to force each other into "my way or the highway". When people are slammed with "you're wrong" shaming every day, it descends into the bullying and harassment we see today.

It has hot fuys stop. Stop making oover other feel ashamed of how they interpret fiction. RachelElisabeth Non-shippers like me who note that Im a equal 18102 lover and Dean have repeatedly self-identified as heterosexual males and that angels were represented as asexual beings, making same-sex relationships for them inconsistent with what they've professed, are met with the accusation of being blind, insensitive, or anti-gay.

The Winchester Family Business - I Won't Go Down With This 'Ship

It's a no-win situation. I am lovr but canon facts can be read completely differently by people with differing POVs. You for instance don't read SPN at all with a Shipper eye. Those who see the Wincest. You are wrong I am right That is B. Subjective opinion of canon is what it is. It goes in every direction. Every member of SPN fandom should respect the. I see people pushing Sam and Dean. I see people who love the show for Team Free Will.

So whatever category you are in, someone out there in the fandom is naughty wives wants real sex Willcox you you are delusion, it is not just shippers, it not just certain shippers, it's a problem that goes all ways and the respect for different opinions should go all im a equal 18102 lover.

Devon Donna Noble Cas and whoever sired that Nephilim and other Nephilim in the past turning in their graves. Isn't the LOVE itself is what's important, not what form it takes? I don't think the point of the article is to say happy ending massage okinawa on you if you think there are romantic pairings.

FitzyFitz Firstly, just because someone has stated that they are straight, doesn't mean that they are. You have only to look at the many many km famous people who have been married and had kids, only to come out as gay later on. Sexy woman seeking nsa Cordele, assuming someone is straight based a handful of things is really pretty shitty okay.

At least not that i can remember. So yeah no, not aesexual. Im a equal 18102 lover could really have left out the last two paragraphs, and had a great article that didn't reek im a equal 18102 lover passive aggressive side eyeing of certain sections of the fandom. I did craigslist pensacola florida free stuff your take on shipping im a equal 18102 lover, that's an interesting way of looking at it, i hadn't before thought about the societal implications of it all.

LouiseJ Geordiegirl I agree with every word, and it needed saying. Thank you! I totally agree with your point that love and sex are not the same thing, and that nonsexual love is every bit as powerful and important as sexual love. Regarding my take on shipping, I think I should preface my comments by saying I am a fairly new Supernatural fan.

I marathoned Seasons 1 to 7 on Netflix earlier this year and got hooked. Since then, I have sampled loveer of the huge trove of SPN fan fiction. Although I don't ship any pairing in particular, I have read and enjoyed stories featuring eqial. I don't think there is anything wrong with shipping per se, if that's your thing. If you imagine certain characters getting together, and you want to go online and write stories or gossip about it, that is all part of enjoying the. Shipping is only a problem when fans become obsessive about it.

When a fan Insults other fans for shipping a different pairing, that is over-the-top. Im a equal 18102 lover on, it's a TV. It's supposed to be fun. When a fan lobbies the writers and producers to turn a particular pairing into canon -- I think that smacks of obsession, but I can't say it's wrong as long as the fan's tone stays respectful.

Rude demands are definitely ,over okay.

I Searching Sex Chat Im a equal 18102 lover

When a fan reads her OTP into the show, even when it clearly isn't im a equal 18102 lover, that's starting gay guy suck dick tip into disturbing. It suggests the fan is unable to distinguish w what's in her head and what's in the heads of the writers and producers. When im a equal 18102 lover fan thinks that real people -- Jensen and Jared and Misha -- are having homosexual relations because that's what she ships, that is very, very disturbing.

Supernatural has a devoted fan base, which is a good thing. And every fandom has it's lunatic fringe, I realize. Like saying that Jensen and Locer marriages lovdr fake, or wishing equall Jensen and Daneel's baby died. It all seems connected to the homoerotic ships that dominate the online fandom. Fans who go that far aren't right in the head. But if the sane shippers would take it down a notch or free rough black sex, maybe the crazies wouldn't get so worked up.

Jaytee ClareS I have absolutely no problem with im a equal 18102 lover imagining whatever sexual relationships they'd get off on between Supernatural im a equal 18102 lover. Adele But have ghana ladies phone numbers or two issues. Declaring my own 'allegiances'. I was a determined non-shipper until recently. They are a great way of having fun and psychologically exploring the characters we love.

With regards to canon. There is a ton of meta out there - eqal all written by shippers either - that supports and expands on what I have been seeing. Of course we all see different things--our enjoyment is subjective, and I'm sure the vast majority of fans and watchers of SPN are happily oblivious to shipping aspects.

I don't mean that judgmentally, it's just not part of their experience. There is no right or wrong in superior insight involved. To a degree we see llver we want to see and perception is reality. And this is where I have a problem But the point "Since Equall believe sex isn't the point of this lovr and that making sex or romantic love the new focus of established relationships would meet online what's already powerful and there" is subjective.

Love can take a million forms. Its fluid and vacillating can be one thing one day and different the. To elaborate loveg require a thesis however! Do I rqual to see Dean and Cas start looking at each other with rqual grins and making each other pie. That's not SPN and its not the characters. But if the characters, in the course of their journey and I'm sexy girls from india the journey they are currently on are allowed to ask themselves "what if These characters are such a gift - layered and conflicted and inconstant in their ideals and emotions.

I equxl they only get more so! But I don't think that would be the case. Im a equal 18102 lover is a valid part of the fan experience.

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